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Found 2 results

  1. Hard to believe, but we are only a few weeks away from 2017. To me it has always been an arbitrary date, but nonetheless, people generally like to set new goals for themselves when the new year hits. Rather than strictly talking about business goals, I wanted to start a thread that is a little different. Two questions. The answers can be about your business or your personal life. 1) What will you start doing in 2017 that you are not doing in 2016? 2) What will you stop doing in 2017 that you are currently doing in 2016? I don't expect people to just start throwing up
  2. Nick

    Morning Routines.

    What is your morning routine look like? and if you don't have one what would be the perfect morning routine for you? Currently for me : Wake up. Drink 32 oz of water. Go for a 20 minute walk. Eat. Stretch. Meditate. Shower. Work for 10 - 16 hours I used to go to the gym daily but the habit has fallen off for a little bit while i just focus on business growth. Would like to hear what you guys are up to on the day to day.
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