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Found 6 results

  1. My website was built with Angular JS 1 . When i posted some website posts within same day. So ,When ever i checked my website on Google SERP (site:example.com), identified some of pages are crawled within 24hrs and some of pages within 1 week and some of pages with in 1 month and some of pages not cralwed . My Question is why this was happened?
  2. Hey everyone, Has anyone else seen this new Google feature? When you search for something, click on a organic listing then hit back on the browser suggested other questions appear, image below:
  3. I just saw a commercial for a Google cell phone. It had a white box in different scenes hiding the most important aspect of the scene, or where the action was. It gave absolutely no specs or features of the phone at all, only advertised that it was available with Verizon only. Does anyone know anything about it other than it's available through Verizon only? Thanks. Terra
  4. I have been trying to promote one app at play store and i ended up creating anchor back link for the play store url. I am a newbie so m not sure about this. Does creating anchor back links of play store url will help its position on play store and google?
  5. Read this and run away fast http://www.cnet.com/news/google-exec-with-robots-in-our-brains-well-be-godlike/ It frightens me to even Imagine the ways your brain could be directed as programmed or hacked. I can't remember the name of the series, one of the Sci-Fi ones after the original Star Trek had something like this. Parents had something done to their son to make him super smart, even though at the time it was not legal. That Ray Kurzweil is actually proposing something like this in the future is just so absolutely beyond nutty. I think this guy needs a nice long rest in a secure home
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