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Got my first client

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I've been doing my own SEO from learning MF's PBN courses.  Everything good so far.  I am trying to leave my current job by all means possible and looked into buying 49% of a collision repair company.  Met with the owner viewed his facility and decided to pass.  He did mention that he needed help getting ranked on google, so I jumped all over the opportunity.


Charged him $650 a month to do his organic, ppc, and google +.  His PPC budget is 2k a month.


Did I charge to little, did I not charge enough?  Thoughts


On a 2nd note,


My wife got in a mlm, Kyani.  Anybody ever do any seo/social marketing?  Thoughts, recommendations, do's and don'ts?  Is there leads I can buy?



On a 3rd note, (lol)


I work for the largest collision repair company in the US.  I'm friends with the Marketing Director and he's shared with me how much we spend on SEO/PPC.  Wow!  Talk about a huge budget.


If it works out with my first client, I was thinking of building more sites and asking my friend of what he thought.



Thanks in advance.

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Congratulations on your first client.


Did you charge too little? Probably. I would have charged more than that for just the SEO, nevermind PPC. I am not sure how much experience you have with PPC. I have managed PPC campaigns with budgets ranging from $400/month to $40,000/month. PPC management can actually be a lot more time consuming than SEO work. A $2k/month budget is nothing to sneeze at. That will eat up some hours to manage properly.


You can still be profitable at $650/month on a local project though, so nothing to worry about. As you start to provide results, you can always increase the amount he is spending with you. Especially on the PPC side. If you can make that a lot more profitable for him, he will likely want to increase his budget and you can easily justify increasing your fee at that point.


As for you wife and the MLM thing, I have done some consulting work for some decent MLM'ers. I have some ideas for you there, but I have not heard of that particular company. What do they do?

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Good job buddy..


You give me some hope :)


Just rank him and when you do you can always up it a little (lot)


If hes making money I am sure he will not mind paying. 

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Thanks for all the replies and kind words.  It kind of sucks, because he told me that some company wanted to charge him $1,200 a month for the same services.  I know I know, I low balled him, just to get the business.  I'm sure if I had asked for more, he would have agreed.  When I talked to him, I did tell him I was giving him a heck of a deal, and that in a few months when we started to see results, that I was going to raise the price.  He said that if I brought him business, that he didn't care how much I charged him.  He has 3 locations, and I'm only doing work for 1.


So Kyani is a heath product that is supposed to balance out your health.  I've seen live testimonials of how it's healed illnesses (anxiety attacks, eczema, sleeping disorders, and more.), and was in a meeting last week with over 700 people. They relaunched in the US 11 months ago, and it's spreading like wild fire.  My whole family is joining, and they talked my wife into joining. My buddy has been in the program less than 2 months and already got in their car program. Mike, any ideas will help.  My wife is a stay at home mom, and I really want her to succeed.


^not a plug, please do your own homework. 


Just real quick on the company I work for, should I build websites and target certain locations?  We have 255 shops across the US? Any ideas? Anybody willing to partner up?  I know I can get a meeting with the Director of Marketing. Their PPC budget is 6 figures, so I know they will pay if we produce.

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The most successful MLM'ers I have dealt with using social media pretty well. Most of them did a lot of videos, so I hope your wife is not shy. It is not 100% necessary, but it definitely helps for people to connect to someone real. Most of them rarely got into specifics about the MLM in their videos. Now they were not hiding anything. It was nothing like that. What they focused on was branding themselves. They talked about how they could help others to do what they were doing. 


Most of them setup simple websites that they gave access to for their own downline only. Inside the sites they taught a lot of simple stuff like setting up a Facebook page, Twitter account, YouTube channel, etc. These seem like simplistic things to us, but most people joining an MLM have never done any of this. They also discussed strategies for reaching your audience, keeping your people engaged, and stuff like that. Basically, it was their own little war chest that only their downline got access to.


There are two advantages to this... First, if someone is searching for that specific MLM and finds some of her videos, and can convince them that SHE is the person they should join under. Secondly, people are joining for her as much, if not more, than the particular MLM opportunity. If she wants to make a career out of working with MLM's, she is likely going to jump ship and move to another MLM at some point. If people are tied into her, it is likely that a large number will move with her when she goes. Nobody really sticks with the same MLM for 20 years.


Anyhow, just some general thoughts there for you. 


I would find some decently successful people in other MLM's and watch what they are doing. I know one that used to be pretty active, and I assume she still is, was Melanie Milletics. She is probably still a good one to follow. You can find a lot of them out there.

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Ah, firsts are great.


Success is not measured by how many great companies you create, but by how many great companies you destroyed to get there. (MetaHelix)

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