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Could having a poor performing ad actually get you MORE Likes on Facebook

Mike Friedman

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I only have about a week's worth of data on this, but it is kind of interesting.


I have a client that we ran Facebook ads for throughout 2014 and the first couple of months of 2015. We stopped to focus the money on other areas of advertising. The Facebook ads were 100% to attract Likes to their page. It is basically for branding. If you are looking at a new product and see that their Facebook page only has 34 followers, that is probably not the best sign. That is my thinking anyhow.


The downside of getting Facebook Likes this way, is that the engagement is pretty poor. Every time I have done it we see much less engagement from the followers than on a page that doesn't use Facebook Ads for followers. Nonetheless, there are some products or lines of business where it is just hard to attract followers any other way.


Anyhow, we just restarted one of their Facebook ads. It is a small ad with a budget of $25/day. One thing that is interesting, and almost a bit shady about Facebook, is that whatever budget you set, they will use up 100% of that budget every single day. Exactly 100%. AdWords and BingAds do not do this.


This is an ad that ran for about 6-7 months to a target market, so there probably is a little bit of ad fatigue with it. We were spending about $0.60 per Like before. 


Well, in the week since we restarted the ad the price per like has dropped to $0.41 per Like. This is 100% the same ad. Nothing changed in the ad or targeting. What is interesting though is most of the budget is not being used until after 5:00 p.m. or so. 


Basically, I think the ad is performing badly throughout the day and then Facebook is just showing it constantly at the end of the day at a lower bid price to get all the clicks necessary to use up the budget.


So technically by having an ad that is not performing well throughout the day, we might actually be getting cheaper clicks in the end because of Facebook's obsession with using up 100% of your daily budget.

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...or Facebook is scamming you with bot clicks while milking your budget, lmao.


I have actually suspected that too. There are all kinds of reports online of people making that same claim. I don't know how many are just conspiracy theories and how many are real.


In this case the product is a supplement in a niche with a lot of skepticism, so the raw number of followers is what we are shooting for. We would like to get Facebook engagement, and we do, but having a big following is what we are after without going the route of Fiverr gigs that provide total BS followers.

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