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Starting tomorrow, the SEO Powersuite (both Pro and Enterprise versions) will be on sale for 3 days. The pricing discount will decrease each day.


December 15 – 70% off

December 16 – 65% off
December 17 – 60% off 






I believe it is the full PowerSuite on sale and not the individual modules. The promotional email was not real clear on that, but idt did not mention the individula programs at all, so I am guessing it is only a discount on the whole line. Honestly though, at 70% off, the full Suite of tools is only $149. If you have not picked this up yet, this would be the ideal time to do it.

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SEOPress WordPress SEO plugin

from looking at the pages, it appears it is the suite of 4 tools, not a per tool thing.


on a related note, they have 3 tiers, free, professional, and enterprise. enterprise seems quite expensive for the what you get over professional?

 seems they dont need 3 tiers, but what the heck do i know. 


where im at now (just learning and have no sites), i think im fine with the free version.


Difference between professional and enterprise:

export data, export pdf, Keyword research reports

for clients,Rankings reports for clients,Site audit reports for clients,Content optimization reports for clients,Backlink reports for clients,Backlink reports for clients


if they had only two tiers i would be buying it for the $150 even though i dont need it just yet. but im not willing to pay $150 for the difference between free and professional.

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What has always made the free version useless to me was the difference in SpyGlass. You cannot import links in the free version from other sources for analysis (Majestic, Ahrefs, etc), and you are limited to 1,000 links when analyzing a domain. That might seem like plenty, but if a domain has 10,000 links, they don't just give you the 1,000 best links to analyze. It is a random collection of those links. You are not getting a true picture.


If you are thinking about purchasing domains for the purpose of building a network, you are often going to need to analyze more than 1,000 links.


For those two reasons alone, if you are using SpyGlass, it is worth it to get the paid version. Even if you are just getting the paid version of SpyGlass and not the other tools. 

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would you say this is



If you are thinking about purchasing domains for the purpose of building a network, you are often going to need to analyze more than 1,000 links.

would you say this suite is unnecessary unless specifically researching domains to be purchased? or are you saying the free version is fine for other stuff but if youre researching domains to buy then you need to step up a level?


like for researching competitors, would the pro version be better than some other free version of something else, like screaming frog i guess for example. (not sure if thats a good example!!)

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It all depends on what YOU are doing for YOUR business. For example, I think in the free version RankTracker does not allow you to save a project (unless they have changed that). So each time you want to check your rankings, you have to enter in your domains and keywords all over again. You won't be able to easily track ranking changes. So if you are making use of RankTracker as your tracking solution, it would make sense to buy this. If you are using some other rank tracker, it doesn't make much sense. 


If you are doing website audits for clients and like the printable reports that WebSite Auditor provides, then you will need to purchase it. If you are using Screaming Frog and are happy with it, then stick with it. I like Screaming Frog a lot. I hate their reporting, so i use both.


LinkAssistant is utterly useless.


I already said why I prefer the paid version of SpyGlass. Only being able to analyze 1,000 links and not import links from another source is a deal-breaker for me.



I'm really not trying to sell anyone on using this or not using this. People get way too hung up on tools. If you never used it, download the free version. If you like it, it fits your business, and you would make use of the additional features not offered in the free version, than it would be foolish not to take advantage of this sale. That's all.

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if we were to purchase this, theres apparently still a monthly fee that would need to be paid to keep up with search engine updates? or am i not reading this correctly??




What happens if I don't extend Search Algo Updates?

You will still get all new features in SEO PowerSuite for free. However, when a search engine's algorithms change, SEO PowerSuite will no longer be available to get data from that search engine (keyword rankings, keyword competition, backlink information, etc.). Search Algo Updates are also required if you’d like to store your projects in the web using SEO PowerSuite Cloud.

So, for your SEO tools to stay fully functional, we recommend that you keep your Search Algo Updates subscription active at all times.

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Yes. It is basically the fee to keep them working when places like Google change their API. You are covered for the first year. After that you do need to pay to stay up to date. Honestly, most of the time the tools will work just fine for several months without the updates.


The only one I have ever extended is SpyGlass. 

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Hmm, I don't have clients so I only need Spyglass. And even then, I think I'm better off with Xray...?

If you only had one would it be Spyglass or Xray?

If I only had one, I wouldn't feel the need to own the other.

I think SpyGlass is easier to use. I think Backlinks X-Ray provides a little more data.

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On 12/13/2016 at 9:52 AM, Mike Friedman said:


They have done sale offers in the past that could be used for single modules. 

This one is such a deep discount that I doubt they would ever consider it.

I'll have to keep an eye out I never see it.


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27 minutes ago, deezn said:

I'll have to keep an eye out I never see it.



It's been awhile since I have seen one.

If you have a website that deals with marketing and/or SEO, they used to offer a discount in exchange for a written review on your site. Not sure if they still do that or not. 

Advanced Web Ranking used to do that too.


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