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Dragon Naturally Speaking

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I'm not sure if I can "ask" for a review in this section, but I'm a skinflint when it comes to buying gizmos and gadget. I work off a 10 year old LT with the letter Y missing and a bogey spacebar. Although right beside me on desks sit 3 brand new Win8 LP, one I've never even switched on.  Same goes for phones, I didn't move to smartphones til 2013.. 

I'm like this old grandpa "if it does what I need it to do, it does me"  ;D ;D ;D

Anyway to the point, http://www.nuance.com/dragon/index.htm It stuck in my mind when one of you joked about it on WF. It looks really cool, but with a lot of these new gadgets, does it live up to expectations? Does it work, and how well does it work? My writing, spelling, and grammar suck. But I know I could talk all day, and was wondering would this really help me with content production, or is it far too buggy and it's outputs look like Punjabi?

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I have not used Dragon myself, but have never heard a bad thing from anyone who has used it.

Windows has a voice recognition program in it free. I have used that, and it works surprisingly well compared to most Windows applications. From everything I have heard, Dragon blows the Windows app out of the water. For me it always came down to the fact that I just did not use it enough to feel like I needed to spend $150 on Dragon.

If you are thinking about it though, you might want to try the free Windows app just to see how comfortable you are with dictating content, text, etc. before making the purchase.

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When I was writing for the medical field, my client bought me Dragon Naturally Speaking Version 10, a special addition recognizing medical terminology as a gift.


I got tired of the training portion, as it wasn't working that well for me. So I put it away as it was taking me longer to do the corrections than me typing.


Fast forward to a few years later after my kids got me a cell phone for texting with the microphone so you don't have to type, I pulled it back out and just started speaking without doing the training and it works wonderfully.


Go figure.  :rolleyes:




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I used Dragon Naturally Speaking religiously for 4 yrs and it works , when you first get it you have read half a book to it so it knows all your nuance's but the cool this is that you can open other things not just use for writing. I.E. Open email or a program as others have mentioned there are numerous sites out there where you can get it for a good price!



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