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ken burns effect

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using revolution slider


just messing around learning as much as possible.

i got the slider working with ken burns effect without too much trouble.


question i have is is there a way to make it reduce size and not reveal the original sized background image?

im not sure if i can explain this correctly, but here goes:


lets say the original image is 1000x800

if i make it get larger, like i go from 100 to 150%, no problem, you will never see the static background (well, unless you not only increase the size but shift the vertical or horizontal as well).

but if go from 100 to 80%, i can see the static background and it makes the whole effect look silly.


so im trying to figure out like if the image is 1000x800, is there a way to make the frame like 800x640 and overlay the 1000x800 image so even when reducing the size of the 1000x800 image, you never see the background?


hopefully somebody understands what im asking. i have been trying to figure it out for about 2 hours. theres no good tutorials out there it seems.


thanks in advance

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Not sure if I'm understanding you - but will give it a shot.


Are you trying to use just photos and use the slider like a video editing software???


I'm not that familiar with revolution slider, but after a quick look it looks like it can take in a video to play.


Try doing the effect in video first, and then sticking that video into the slider.


Either that, or change the size of the photos to a larger starting size that will more than cover what ever area you are talking about.

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i can make it zoom in (make image larger). no problems.

if i zoom out (shrink image), if it shrinks past its original size, then around the edges you can see the some of the original image. like wallpaper.

so imagine you had wallpaper on your screen and the same image overlaying it. you shrink the over lay, and you can see parts of the wallpaper behind it.


right, if my view space is 100x100, and i start with a 200x200 image, the problem goes away. problem is i dont know if its possible, plus if it is, i cant figure out how to specify the view window is 100x100.


the funny part is i dont even need this functionality at the moment, it just bothers me i cant figure it out

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well, i figured it out

i feel like a genius now

you just cant set a percentage less than 100

if you want to zoom in, start at 100 and end >100

to zoom out, start at >100 and end at 100


i was using values less than 100 in spots and it revealed stuff i didnt want to reveal

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LOL, I know how you feel on getting distracted with something that you shouldn't be getting distracted with. But for sure you learned something and it'll make understanding other similar software applications quicker in the future.

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