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How Do I Create A Special Offers Listing?

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First, make sure that you read the rules for the Spartan Special Offers.


The listing fee for SSO's is $10. For the first month members of the Spartan Inner Circle and Spartan Private Forum will be able to post free listings.


Creating a Listing


1) Purchase a listing here.


2) After completing the purchase, you will see a new sub-forum in the Marketplace section titled "Spartan Special Offers Test forum".


This is where you will be able to post your sales thread before it goes live.


3) Create your sales thread, making sure it complies with all of the above rules. You can use any formatting that the forum platform allows.


4) Reserve the first and second posts after the initial sales post. The first post is for you if you wish to use it for a FAQ or any other information that you wish to add later. The second post will be deleted before the thread goes live, but will be for our use. You must post the following information in the second post:

  • Unless it is a free offer, you must provide a link to show where your offer is sold at a higher price or without the exclusive bonuses. In other words, provide proof that this is indeed a "special" offer.
  • Provide details on how you will handle support requests. This must be included in the initial sales post or the first post after it as well.

5) Once complete and you feel your offer is ready to go live, send a Private Message to Ashley indicating your offer listing is complete and ready for review. For faster processing, title your PM "Ready To Go Live". Be sure to include the link to your created offer thread.


6) After the listing has been reviewed, you will receive a response indicating that it is approved or disapproved. If the offer is approved we ask that you acknowledge the approval and indicate that you are ready to go live. The thread will then go live.

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