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Thanks for the reply, Kev. I've seen Content Foundry pop-up in threads here and there, but never had a looksy at their website until now. Seems like a kick-ass software to generate content. I think Mike mentions them also in one of his videos alongside Kontent Machine.

I tried to signup with them and got a not-trusted splash page. IDK, I always wig out when I see that kind of stuff. I think I might reach out to them and let them know.

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Content Foundry is good, probably the best software like this out there. My problem with it is the user interface is clunky at best. Every time they do an update, it seems to get worse rather than better. It has been about a year since I last used them though. Might be better now.

I'm just not that picky with this kind of content, so I went back to Kontent Machine.

If you can overlook the UI of Content Foundry and work with it, it would be my first choice.

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So I got Kontent machine all set up and so far I really like it. Setting up a campaign is a breeze and the content for tier 1 isn't that bad at all. I think it pumped out 50 articles in less than a minute.

I just haven't figured out how to populate all of the fields like : comments, wiki, etc. I'm just using the pre-populated stuff. Mike, do you use the API to connect straight to GSA?

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I always just output the file into GSA format (it's one of the options in Kontent Machine). In GSA then, when setting up the campaign, and the bottom I click on Tools, select AutoFill, and choose Kontent Machine. I just import the file from there.

The API is probably simple, but I never bothered figuring out how to get it to work.

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