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Changed Domain Name, Possible Issue?

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If anyone remembers my post from a few months backs I swapped over my sites domain from running into a potential legal issue in the future.

This was no biggie, I didn't have any backlinks going to it yet and only about 20 or so articles so didn't have to do much to change it.

Every once in awhile I'll be updating my opt in plugin or something on my theme and it'll say "looking up myolddomain.com" in the bottom left hand corner.

Any reason its doing this? I've checked all the settings and I don't have anything anywhere with my old domains url in my new site, plugins or anywhere.

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SEOPress WordPress SEO plugin

3 hours ago, David Beroff said:

In Firefox, you can right-click on your page, then Inspect Element > Network, and see exactly what is being requested.  Other browsers may have a similar feature.

I'll check this tomorrow. 

I did inspect element and went through to see if my old domain was showing somewhere that wasn't showing on the surface. Found nothing.

Didn't know I could do the inspect element network thing however so I'll see if this reveals it. Thx

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