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I'm trying to brush up on basic skills, for example, I always wanted to learn how to use Adobe illustrator.

Every time I watch a video of somebody using Illustrator on Youtube I'm like "Okay I have no idea what you're doing..."

They're running 99 cents for 3 months of premium, which gives you access to basically all surface level classes related to computers and technology you would ever want.

I always try to be realistic with myself, if I'm not constantly trying to brush up on skills, then I'm not learning new skills and unless I actively use my skills every day, I slowly get worse.

Personally, any time I watch (or usually just listen) to these, I pick up little tid bits here and there.


So if you're new to SEO, you get to watch Rand Fishkin's - SEO That Matters for a dollar, which is exactly what that course is worth to me.

Rand Admits that Ranking Factors are a Survey of SEO opinions... LMAO... I don't even want to listen to that module while I process orders...



99 cents, can't really beat the price, no complaints.

Edit: Just got done listening to Rand's course : Well it's an excellent course, for people who are new, and want to understand the basic whitehat SEO process. I personally couldn't find anything wrong with it, minus the one module which discusses ranking factors. There was a specific historical event in US history last year that should be proof that aggregated opinions do not necessarily reflect reality. From personal experience, the process described in the video is far more valuable than the list of things that could potentially effect ranking, or do not effect ranking, and everybody does it because everybody else is doing it. The process to analyze these "ranking factors" is inherently flawed and leaves a lot of room for situations where correlation does not equal causation.

Oh and I really appreciate the fact that the course wasn't loaded with buzz words like "actionable" or claims about how I can increase my organic traffic by 4291%.

I personally did not learn much but I know that his course would blow the minds of 95% of the members of many forums that discuss SEO.

Yeah... You plan stuff, research, build a list of targets, produce, market, and then analyze for your next iteration. This shouldn't blow minds but I know people always start by expecting results and that's how nothing works.

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