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Mike Friedman

Changing websites in Google My Business

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There is an interesting example I thought I would share of moving a business website from one URL to another, and it is my own.

I use to regularly maintain a blog on TheSEOPub.com. I separately had a business website on TheSEOPub.net. Both were shitty looking sites in desperate need of a redesign. The .com was designed on Thesis, which is truly showing its age these days.

Anyhow, one of my plans for this year was to redesign the .com and actually combine the two sites on there. 

Locally, if you search for seo company, seo york pa, seo service, seo in york pa, york pa seo, york pa seo company, and a host of other local keywords, my site showed up #1 or #2. 

I just did the redesign in the past few days. Well, it's been worked on for awhile, but finally on the third attempt, I think we got it. 

However, something I did was go into Google My Business and change my website from the .net to the .com anticipating this redesign being completed. I did this a month ago, and I did not 301 redirect the .net to the .com (although I did just do that earlier today, so you would see the redirect if you tried it now). I made the change a month ago because I thought it might take some time for Google to incorporate the new info into their index. That, and I thought the redesign would be finished sooner than it was.

Anyhow, something I thought was interesting was that the rankings never changed. The .com, was more or less a blank page or in various forms of disrepair during this time, but rankings never moved. I did make sure the citation info was on the site though.

What that potentially shows, in my opinion, is the weight that citations play in local rankings versus links, and even content for that matter. 

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