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Getting a Zoom to work with Dynamic Images

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This was pretty frustrating to figure out so I'll post it here in the odd chance anybody ever has this problem.

Problem: Using a 3rd party image zoom script on an image, problem, already using dynamic images for thumbnails.

Issue: The zoom works fine on the first image, until you select a new thumbnail, the zoom works, but it zooms in on the wrong image.

And the code for the magnifier is minified of course, so I can't really read the code to fix it.

The solution is to :

In the Image Update Function, after you swap the image, you have to destroy the magnifier object and recreate it.

Figuring this out was yet another chapter in the "This shouldn't have taken 2 hours" fun times adventure book.

Edit: I realize this is probably one of these "You have no idea what I'm talking about until it occurs" situations.

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