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Free Ebook Idea If Anyone's Interested


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I teach a class called, "Universal Truths" and I've often thought it would make a great ebook, but I also know I'll never get around to writing it. So I'm tossing it out there if anyone is interested in writing it themselves. 

The basic concept of the class itself is learning critical thinking by identifying and then debunking various ideas that have become "Universal Truths". In other words, ideas that most folks believe to be true, but aren't and have no basis in science. My students learn how to do the research, separate credible information and reliable sources from those that are not credible, applying logic to support their arguments debunking whatever it is they're working on.

For example - most kids are told by their parents and other older relatives not to go outside with wet hair or without a jacket on a cold day, because they'll catch a cold. Y O I N K !

Although you might feel a bit uncomfortable, the only way you will catch a cold, is if you're actually exposed to one of the 200 or so cold viruses that tend to circulate in the winter. In fact, you're more likely to get sick indoors during the winter due to indoor air pollution and the warm, typically humid environments microbes thrive in. 

Another example - ever heard, "Don't crack your knuckles, you'll get Arthritis"? Y O I N K !

The "Cracking" you hear is caused by nitrogen gas being pulled into the synovial fluid space between your joints (the resulting vacuum causes negative pressure in the joint). While it might be annoying to others, it absolutely will not ever cause Arthritis. 

One last example - "Don't go swimming for an hour after you eat or you'll drown" Y O I N K !

There's no scientific evidence to support this myth at all. At best, if you've eaten a really large meal and immediately go swimming, you might experience a bit of discomfort, but it won't cause you to drown. In fact professional swimmer often eat high carbohydrate and protein meals before competitions to sustain their energy.

There are literally tens of thousands of myths like these that people still believe in - it actually could make a nice series of ebooks. You'd need to include citations (links to your sources) and there are a lot of free images available for illustration. It might also be nice to try and identify how the myths evolved over time - there are some very sound theories about this online as well. 

Feel free to run with it if you're interested...

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Awesome idea, Mike.

At this point I'm writing other books as you know, so all I can add to this is whoever runs with this should let me know when it's for sale and I'll buy the first copy.

It sounds like fun, factual reading and something I would share with my grandkids. :)



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I can see that being a real good product for some niches.  It's the mythbuster type truths that turned Snopes into a perceived authority site even though in a few areas they fall apart as being the non-professional researchers they are.  In the right hands with the right niche, this could be one valuable tip.  

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