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Mike Friedman

How Many Campaigns Should You Setup in AdWords

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Someone PM'd me after reading the thread about organizing ad groups in your AdWords account to ask if all of the ad groups should go under one campaign.

It really depends on exactly what it is you are marketing, but in probably about 99% of cases, the answer is "no". You should have multiple campaigns for your account.

The biggest reason you want to have multiple campaigns is because you can only control the AdWords budget at the campaign level. If you are selling 5 different products or services and you put them all under one campaign, you have very little control over how your money gets spent on ads. You cannot choose to divide up your budget among the different ad groups. 

You could lower bids on products or services that are not as important or profitable to you, but that can be very counterproductive. 

Your keyword search and click volume is what will determine where your money gets spent.

Alternatively, if you setup a different campaign for each of those 5 products or services, now you can divide up your daily budget and put whatever amounts into each campaign you want.

Have one product that is more profitable and popular than anything else you sell? Then put 70% of your budget into that campaign if you want In that way, you are giving the products or services that are your bread and butter priority over more secondary options. 

You should have as many campaigns as you do products categories or service areas.


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