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Backlinksindexer Or Linklicious

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Hello. Welcome to the forum.

I used Backlinksindexer.com about 4-5 years ago. They were pretty decent. Probably about a 40-450% success rate within 3 weeks, which when you are building the kind of low quality links you would need a service like this for is a pretty good success rate. Linklicious was worse. I don't remember how much worse, but I did not use it very long.

I have not been building links like that for some time now, so stopped using tools like these. They may have gotten worse or better since then.

Depending what you are doing, if you don't care about building junk links, you can just spam the living hell out of the links you build and get about the same success rate.



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3 hours ago, whateverpedia said:

Isn't that what these services do?

Generally. Sometimes they will also do things like creating new Blogger accounts and insert links in those to get them crawled fast, or setup new Google+ accounts to drop links from. The Google+ thing is much more difficult now because Google does a lot of phone verifications for new accounts. It's not too hard to get throw away numbers to receive texts on though.

But yes. For the most part, they are just creating garbage in huge quantities hoping that Google will crawl some of it. 

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