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Have you seen this marketing trick yet? 

I join webinars from time to time that I see on Facebook or other places. I join the "free" webinar knowing full well that the entire thing is going to be a sales pitch. I usually just put them on my second monitor while I'm working. I can normally tell in the first few minutes if there is going to be anything of value in the webinar. Sometimes, I pull a good idea or two out of these that someone shares, or something they say gets me thinking in a different direction.

Last week I joined one where it quickly became obvious that the "users" watching the webinar were all fake. The comments were ridiculous. No webinar has the constant flood of positive comments that this one did. And they were right on cue with what she was talking about. 

If there was any doubt that they were fake, I told three of them to go F themselves, two others to shut their mouth, and another one named Ron if he was indeed Ron Jeremy. None of them or anyone else responded, even though they were happily having conversations back and forth with one another.

I have no idea if what she was selling was good or not because I was so turned off by the whole thing that I couldn't really focus on anything she was saying. She could be selling a great product and have other great ones down the road, but I would never buy from her after that.


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