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WF promoting Dan Lok

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14 hours ago, gnojham said:

there must be. you guys keep going there?  8-)

Mike was referring to starting a thread here to discuss how things are run over there, and I agree with him about that. It's really not worth discussing here. Even if it was a well intentioned thread (it would most likely just turn into a bitch fest), a discussion here would change nothing going on there. 

There are still some worthwhile discussions there and some people worth listening to, though growing fewer and farther between by the day. It is worth visiting for that. 


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So to summarize... Dan is basically a motivational speaker. Lots of tips on taking action and giving you reasons to take action. Very little direction on what that action should be.

And WF is still noob land run by other noobs. 

I think that about sums the thread up.

Did I miss anything?

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On 7/6/2018 at 1:45 PM, Apple said:

It would be useful to have a page exposing the truth about Gab showing up on the Google front page. 

I know I'm late to the party here, but the truth about Gab? What, the fact that he is a hot-headed douche that takes the slightest little bit of criticism personal and then blows up about it and throws a tantrum? The fact that he does a terrible job as the face of the company he represents? The fact that he has never followed through with anything? The fact that despite its "1.3 million members" nobody bought his agency course no matter how many places he plastered it all over the forum?

What exactly is the "truth" that you think would be getting exposed that everyone doesn't already know about him? 

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