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BTW SEMRush Has a Built In Outreach Tool


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Man, I feel dumb not knowing about this.

SEMRush has a built in email outreach tool.

It finds emails somehow as well (it's not whois, I checked that.) I did double check some of the emails it found and indeed it seems decent. (Obviously it won't find them all.)

It connects via Gmail and apparently you can send up to 500 emails a day (which is the Gmail limit I believe.)

You could probably make a bunch of projects and spam a few thousand outreach emails a day like a real big newb... (Effectiveness is all that matters, not the number of emails sent...)

The default email template is absolutely horrible and I would never use that but whatever...

It's in beta but it's not new.

Under projects click the link building tool.

Tip: Do not use your main Gmail account. I've heard of a few cases of people getting their Gmail accounts banned for doing outreach.

Big Tip: The tool itself is a little bit wonky and I recommend creating a separate project just for the link building tool. The reason behind this is I find myself having to delete the project and I don't want to delete all of the other project settings. I'm assuming most people would create 1 project for each piece of content they want to rank and there's no way to go back and edit your target keywords or competitors... So you end up deleting it when you are done.

Me personally, I would be exporting most of the data and build an outreach email list in Excel/GoogleDocs.

Even you just use the tool to export the list of prospects and then upload them to hunter.io, it still saves an enormous amount of time, granted you still need their names.

I'm back from vacation and I plan to give this a whirl! I'm also glad I'm grandfathered in to a lower monthly rate than it is now...

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