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Finally, A Wordpress Social Sharing Plugin That Does't Suck

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Are you sick of social sharing plugins that oddly load assets from their CDN which costs them money but it's free plugin? Which leads one to think they are doing something evil with the data?

Are you sick of having to de-minify JS in an attempt to verify that you are not installing malware to your website? What does that 14,000 lines of JS do anyways?

What about plugins that have no good reason to drop cookies but do anyways? So much for the cookie laws, you need the shares brah!

Tired of massive piles of code that you don't use but try to upsell you some lead generation tool that you don't want and can code in HTML in 5 minutes? Really bootstrap + sublime text.

Sick of the relentless torrent of BS emails you get from those plugin providers? Yes I need more product descriptions that convert for my blog that does not sell products.

Or better yet it breaks your site? I'm looking at you AddThis.

Great because this plugin doesn't do any of that crap:


Free, responsive, clean JS, no CDN weirdness, no massive pile of unused assets that looks like a reverse http shell could easily be hidden inside, no cookies, and it works.



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