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SSL! You must use SSL! Oh, but if you are, here is a big F you

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I know I don't post much here. I typically lurk in the background and just make sure the place doesn't catch on fire (Mike's words).

However, I'm banging my head against the wall on this one.

So I'm setting up Google Suite for a business. I want to use custom URLs for the common applications for employees to login. Instead of some ugly URL for email, for example, I want to be able to use mail.somedomain.com and calendar.somedomain.com for the calendar.

Get this shit though. If you are using an SSL certificate... you know those things that Google flipped out about and made everyone migrate to... you can't do it (unless there is some magic fucking trick to make it happen I am not aware of).

That's right. The redirect from HTTP to HTTPS mucks it all up.


EDIT: Damnit. See I was so ticked off I forgot to ask my question.

Does anyone know if I can add a second domain and run everything through that?

I.E. If the business is somedomain.com, can I setup somedomain.net and verify it, use mail.somedomain.net for users to login at, but have the somedomain.com email run through there? Just would like to know before I put in the effort of tossing a new domain on a host, getting the nameservers set up, verifying it, and then finding out it doesn't work.




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So just an update on this... there is nothing you can do to resolve it. Straight from Google themselves.



Note that if you've activated a secure protocol on your domain, Google Custom URL redirection does not work as it is not compatible with TLS/SSL redirection which forces encrypted browsing. The URL http://mail.domain.com is redirected to https://mail.domain.com instead of https://mail.google.com/a/domain.com.

What we are going to do as a workaround is to just setup redirects. So using something like somedomain.com/mail or mail.somedomain.com (if we use a subdomain) will just redirect the user to the ugly looking Google URL. I don't think users are going to care. Some won't even notice. We might take the extra step to mask the URLs. Not sure.

It's not ideal, but it's practical and will work.

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11 hours ago, Chase26 said:

What's the advantage of Google Suite over just using Gmail and all the other Google apps on their own?

Google Suite lets you use your own email accounts but run them through Gmail. 

So let's say you are running a business on xyzcompany.com. Running email through your web host is usually unreliable and gives you less control. It wouldn't be professional for all of your employees to have their own Gmail account. With Google Suite you can setup empolyee1@xyzcompany.com, employee2@xyzcompany.com, and so on and it all runs through Gmail's servers. Gmail is pretty much one of the gold standards of email services.

You get more control and you can also easily monitor email accounts as well as archive them (if you need to for legal purposes). 

For the rest of the applications, such as Docs, Sheets, and lesser known ones like Keep, you can make it easy for members of the business to collaborate. 

Google Suite is not free though, but it's pretty inexpensive. There are 3 different plans at $5, $10, and $15 per month per user. The $5/month per user is adequate for most businesses. 

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