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Pro Tip about Affiliate Marketing

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I've never had this happen before. I built out a landing page / funnel around a specific offer.

I usually build this out first before I try to apply to the affiliate program so I can show them the landing page.

Between that and being incorporated, I've never been declined on an affiliate network or from a company with an affiliate program.

Until today.

Apparently due to sales tax nexus laws, this company does not work with affiliates from my entire state.

Thankfully, a different company with a similar offer will work with me, but I have to redo much of the campaign material.

Lesson learned.

If you're going to build out a funnel that is specific to an offer/company, make sure you can get approved first and show them something similar to what you plan to do.

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Affiliate marketing is a great source of revenue. If you want to earn a good amount of revenue using affiliate marketing then you need to be strategic.
Some of the key points you can use to make the great affiliate marketing strategy such as:

  • Know Your Audience
  • Be Trustworthy
  • Be Helpful
  • Be Transparent about Affiliate Relationships
  • Select Affiliate Products Carefully
  • Try Different Programs
  • Be Patient
  • Stay Relevant
  • Content Comes First
  • Write Timeless Content

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