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Has anyone every used Grammarly and if so what were there thoughts on it?

My writing is OK, however it looks like to could make me a more effective writer?

How does the free version compare to the pro version and is it worth the subscription?

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My view as a SRSLY NON-MATH GAL is as follows ...

I got real ishoos rn with the WIN 10 calcyoolaror bcs it regularly skips digits.

I trust it to ADD STUFF UP an' DIVIDE BY "better for Moi" type results (speshly when I out shoppin') ... yet still it maxes out on LAME.

My beef here is how I so CRAP at math ... yet I see sumtimes when the calcyoolator ditzes out.

I would nevah wanna trust grammar to no SIMILAR CONVENIENCE-BASED SCHEME.

O, Everflooid Discourse!

Refrain always from bein' enslaved!

Tellya, my rules for grammatarialistic excellence are these ...

1) If'n you keep writin' shit down the way you do an' nowan evah complains, either you RIGHT or evrywan with whom you interact is EQUALLY FRICKIN' STOOPID.

2) All grammar problems are ultra specific. If'n you can't figure your WHICH from your WITCH from your EVIDENTLY LICKABLE HYPNOTIC SCHWOOZHOLE, likely you can go Google.

That said, as the planet descends into a degenerate swamp fulla equally uninspirin' shriekin' goobers, who' c'are's 'whe're e'er' the apostrophlisticalisms figure in the deal?

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Grammarly is a big help especially when you're writing fast. Though you also really have to pay attention to what it corrects as there are cases when it reads a word wrong. Like tenses, or when the sentence is too long. It kinds of confuses Grammarly too. Bur Overall, it's good. 

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