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Was thinking of buying a domain with some decent links and looking to mainly use it for selling backlinks.


Possibly even having a directory through the website that people could purchase placements on. 


Just talking one site here, not looking to build a pbn.


Think this would bring in decent $?

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19 hours ago, Mike Friedman said:

It can bring in some money as long as people find it. 

I wouldn't do a website and announce that you are selling links anywhere on it. 

You can get away with a directory that sells placements, but you don't want a "normal" website that says, "Hey buy a link here!"

Yeah I would definitely disguise it pretty well.

I’d prefer not to have to resort to selling links but whenever I buy a good expired domain, no matter how safe it looks with great history. Decent links, google refuses to rank it.

I always resort to just swapping the content over to a fresh domain and it automatically starts ranking higher than where it was at on the expired domain.

I just want to have some sort of backup plan on a way to at least get my money back if I buy a domain and it continues on with my bad steak of using an expired domain that just don’t do well.

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