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Reputation Management help.

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I have a few questions about reviews, please.  This involves real estate agents.  

Most often, their clients have no problem sending them a review to use.  What they do have a problem with, is having to sign up/register an account for sites like Zillow and Realtor.com (and the likes).  

As an agent, you cannot submit your customer's reviews yourself, they have to do it.  It's understandable on their part, they're trying to keep it real.  However, clients are reluctant to sign up for 'this and that' just to leave the reviews.   I don't blame them, it's time consuming and now they're on yet another mailing list they really don't need.

That being said, I'd like to boost the star ratings for my clients in those sites.  What do you all recommend?    There is a link in Zillow that you can send a request to said client.  

I could take the review and use on of my own emails to submit it.  I would have to have the address of said property.  I'm not sure their clients would be comfortable with their address being 'out there' and their info being connected to it.  Heck, even after you submit a review, the review itself goes into 'review' until approved.  

What do you recommend here?  As worthless as Zillow is, as far as accuracy, many buyers rely on things like the agents star rating.  

Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!  

~ Theresa

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I wouldn't try circumventing Zillow's rules. If Zillow caught that, they might think you are trying to post fake reviews. I'm not sure what action they would take, but other similar platforms will typically remove ALL reviews and/or ban the person completely. You don't want to get your client removed from Zillow.

Honestly, I would bet a lot of home buyers and sellers already have accounts on Zillow. Not all of them, but I bet a lot do. You have to sign up to get alerts and use different features. The whole "clients don't want to sign up" thing sounds like an excuse from the agent for being afraid to ask for the reviews.

On top of that, both Realtor and Zillow let you sign in with your Gmail account, which many people have these days. There is basically zero effort in creating an account. It's already done. It's literally a one-click sign up. 

And if you know they have a Gmail account, you can also encourage them to leave a review on GMB.

If they don't have a Gmail account, they can do the same thing with a Facebook account, which pretty much everyone has.

Roughly 90% of the closings I have been to have had a lot of down time. They never start on time. There is always a few minutes where someone needs to go make a copy of something or whatever. If the real estate agent is sitting there with them, that would be the perfect time to ask. They can do it right on their cell phone. 

If not then, I would send a follow up email a few days after closing. It should be personalized. Not some boring template. Then at the end it can have standard copy that talks about the importance of reviews and the appropriate links.

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Thanks SO much Mike!  

One particular client admitted she has a really hard time asking for reviews.  I asked her to do it (for her new site I'm building), and the customers promptly responded.  I think that alone helped to ease her fears.

What's so funny about this woman is she's been an agent for a very long time, has a stellar career and everything 'online' about her is SOOO DATED!  She's trusting me to get her current on not only her website, but social media and everything else.  This was a long process, getting her to finally trust me and I want to shine for her.

Great idea about the GMB, too!  Thanks!  She has 4 'pending' homes right now, so it's a perfect time to get her set up to ask for the reviews.  


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