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[Need Help] Domain Name Purchase

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A domain I've wanted for over a decade recently became available, but the asking price is absurdly high-- $12000 and the entire niche is likely not worth that much online.

 In the past I've seen this happen, domains expire and the price is ridiculous for a while before dropping down to a reasonable price, but I've never timed it or paid much attention to how long that takes?

Also, I've heard rumors that searching for a domain can keep its price artificially high, especially on certain dealers?

Is there a tool or method that I can use to monitor it?

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I'm not familiar with any way to monitor the price other than to pull it up at a registrar. I'm also not really sure if there is a time period after which you can expect to see the price drop. I've never heard anyone say that. I kind of always just assumed the price was the price, but I guess it makes sense. If it goes for a year or so and nobody buys it, why wouldn't they drop it?

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5 hours ago, MikeTucker said:

Thanks Mike... Yeah I've asked a few other places and other than being warned not to search on Go Daddy, haven't gotten much more than that.  I'm torn between not wanting to miss out on having the domain and not wanting to be ripped off...

I've had GoDaddy do that to me.  They're still holding a domain hostage that I forgot to renew.  It's been 4 years?  

That being said, I was wanting to purchase a domain for a client of mine and it was taken.  3 years later, I get an email that the domain is going to become available within a week.  They had it listed as 'make an offer'.  I looked it up on Who Is and saw that it had expired already.  Anyhow, I know some registrars give you like 3 months-ish to get it back at a higher price then it goes back to the normal price.  If no one renews it (shows interest) in buying it, they'll usually let go of it.  That's what happened with this domain.  I bought it at regular price.  

You can try ICANN, too.  I've also used Namecheap with no problems but I'm not sure if they spy and buy, too.  

Good luck Mike!  

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