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On 10/11/2019 at 9:52 AM, expmrb said:

Many gaming sites are booming after the recent Core update.

I have a bunch of content like "Best Mouse for World of Warcraft"

Mouse and World of Warcraft were just examples, I do not actually have any content targeting that specific keyword.

It works really well as long as you actually understand what a gamer would want for the game.

Tip: The keyword search volumes are not accurate for trendy keywords like that. Especially if it's a brand new game.

The number one result is hXXps://www.armchairempire.com/Reviews/gaming-mouse-reviews/wow

SEMRush ~1k reports clicks a month to that page but it's probably more like 20-30k right now due to the release of WOW Classic.

With stuff like that, if you know how to bait clicks with the "Click For Price" buttons, you can easily get a 25% CTR with some testing and the EPC (real average earnings per click) is usually like $1.

Intitle test reveals there are 13 competing pages directly targeting the keyword.

The SEMRush page score is a 56 though, which is quite high.

With SEO Quake enabled, I see a DS 12 TF 14 domain in the #7 spot, which is directly targeting the keyword, so it's certainly page-1-able for an individual.

The main issue there would be timing and rank transition.

It's just too late IMHO, but who knows. I'm sure there's a bunch of sites that will create content for keywords like that since all of Blizzard/Activision games are super popular. I usually go for lesser known games/companies.

It would definitely have been worth doing that 4-5 months before the release of WOW Classic.

It might be worth it for Bing since you can rank the page instantly by using the Bing Webmaster Tools.

Reminder: The intitle test only works if you are on the very last page of the results for that keyword and it doesn't work at all in Bing. If you are not on the last page, Google will display a random number and I have no idea what that indicates.

So the keyword: "best mouse for fortnite", there are 58 pages with the keyword in the title, not 158.

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