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Two short videos with a similar theme. NSFW  

We have a winner. Of all the jokes and memes that have been, and will be inspired by the events of 2020, this one will NOT be beaten.

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We can all mark "someone does a song about recent events" off on our bingo cards as well.

WARNING!!!! - Contains strong language. NSFW.

DOUBLE WARNING!!!! - It's performed in an Australian accent. DEFINITELY NSFW (or anywhere near children). It may also cause the sexual arousal of garden gnomes.


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On 11/28/2020 at 6:25 PM, whateverpedia said:

For Peanuts fans:


Well, I thought this was a joke that exaggerated current events.


Turns out it was pretty accurate actually.




Washington: The US Justice Department is investigating a potential crime related to funnelling money to the White House in exchange for a presidential pardon, according to court documents unsealed in federal court.

US District Judge Beryl Howell has released a heavily redacted order that described what she called a "bribery-for-pardon" investigation.



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