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RED HOT SCOOP!!! Paparazzi photo of Princess Balestra doing yoga!!

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Natchrlly I am honored to be associated with the firin' outta one's pooper of The Kaleidoscopic Consciousness.

For sure, this is my areah.

Howevah, gal way too chunky for Moi.

An' I don't see her knees bein' too loose bcs look how she grippin the sand with her right foot.

That is why she ain't bendin' ovah far enough for the glory to squoit from its appropriate vestibyool.

tbh I would wanna see a real fulsum gal dowin' an Anahatasana here.

She got juicy squidos, they gonna glue her to the shiftin' sands as the waves come on.

Anyways, it is real sweet you be thinkin' 'bout Moi from what I presoom is a bunker equally ravaged by viral bad guys an' regulah Oz spidah stuffs.

I ain't been Dainty Ditzy yogah class for months now, so I bendin' on my own here.

Will be sure to dedicate my next lotus to your smilin' Whatto face — even if you lookin' like a griller bcs who be shavin' or fixin' any kinda style rn?

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