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Private companies find role in developing nuclear power for space travel

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A soda-can-size fission reactor could propel humans to Mars in just three to four months, she said, about twice as fast as the currently estimated time it could take a chemically propelled ship to carry humans to the Red Planet

I know Fluffy bunnies! :P

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tbh I bendin' ovah backwards tryin' to accommodate the science here.

The bigger the mystery an' the greater the potential, for sure you gotta keep all options on the table.

Hey, as a polyholistic bein' I tryin' to elevate the debate.

As I understand it, brown holes transport you halfway to abysmal oblivion, but there are juicier openings elseplace in the Cosmos make it easiah to like sit an' watch TV an' eat dinnah aftah you been travellin'.

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