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Mike Friedman

Google testing new fonts on search results

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10 hours ago, BigDave said:


I never thought of that, but does Google Fonts really slow down pages much?

Google fonts cause extra server requests. Each font you are using needs to be called from Google's server.  On top of that, using different font weights of the same font is additional requests. So, for example, if you are using Open Sans (I think that is a Google font) at a font weight of 300, but for part of your text or maybe for a heading you want a bolder font and use a font weight of 600, that will be two requests. One for Open Sans at 300 and one for Open Sans at 600.

If you are on Wordpress, some plugins (like WP Rocket) will combine all the Google fonts on the page into one request instead of sending individual requests, but each font still needs to be downloaded.

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