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Biden Campaign Trolling Trump

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19 hours ago, Mike Friedman said:

So the Biden campaign picked up keepamericagreat.com and set up a website listing all his failures.

Good marketing.

That's smart marketing. But it's a very minor move. Biden needs to get in front of audiences and cameras every day until the election...or he is going to lose. No matter what you think of Trump, he is out there, and he doesn't quit. And his team isn't going to play nice at all.  One thing the Right has always been good at is staying on message, and marching to the beat of their leader. Dems are acting like cats, running in every direction, fighting among themselves.  Dems keep bringing a nasty letter to a knife fight. If they lose this time, it's because they deserve to.  The only real players on the Dem's side are the Lincoln Project guys. The Republicans that are fighting Trump. 


Added later; I will say this, if anyone has heard a Biden speech recently, I think the whole "Biden is old and not mentally sharp" claim goes away.  


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On 9/1/2020 at 4:44 PM, Claude Whitacre said:

Added later; I will say this, if anyone has heard a Biden speech recently, I think the whole "Biden is old and not mentally sharp" claim goes away.  

And if he performs in the debate like he has been publicly right now, I think they can stick a fork in that whole idea.

Kind of ironic that Trump took the whole mentally not sharp angle against Biden. We could easily put together an hour clip of Trump fumbling over words and putting together long incoherent rants. Wouldn't even have to use covfefe to do it either.

This whole election is basically two moderate Republicans backed by other moderate Republicans up against Trump and his trained monkey. That's part of the reason the Dems are struggling to get in line. Honestly, the far left of the party needs to just shut up for 8 weeks. The only things they should be talking about is the pandemic, jobs, the economy, supreme court justice nominees, and getting the budget under control. Basically, except for the pandemic, all things that historically would have been traditional Republican talking points in past elections.

Everyone knows where the Dems stand on things like healthcare and climate change. Those are just quagmires that there is no point wading into until after the election.

And if the Dems had half a brain running their campaign, they would make federally legalizing marijuana for recreational use a key point in their platform. The people who would be strongly against that are already voting for Trump anyhow.

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