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Trump admits to concealing the true threat of coronavirus in new Woodward book

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Does any of it matter? There are recordings. His own words. Yet his followers will spin this in some crazy manner and keep marching to his tune.


For any other administration, this would be pretty near catastrophic. It is almost shocking he talks so candidly about some of this stuff. 

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Evry personal transformation gooroo knows the pain involved in movin' on.

Bigger the insight, wronger you were before.

Long as you don't mind the uncomfy thrash of your own shattered shackles from time to time, here's the stuff to set you free.

Problem we got is sum folks ain't nevah wrong.

They won't face it bcs it makes 'em stoopider than they already are.

What makes the Narcissus myth intrestin' is how we all look into the mirrah of our own pond real regulah.

From 9 to 99, howevah we look, we wanna see a positive image reflected back.

Ain't hooman if'n we don't.

2 rules apply here to make this work — an' I fully qualified to say this bcs I so cool with mascara.

1) Nowan else ain't intrested in what you see in your own mirrah.

2) Kissin' the mirrah means extra hassle bcs unless you got a docile BF packin' a handy all-purpose cloth, you gotta wipe the smooshied lipstick off by yusself.


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