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Elementor Changing Pricing Plans

Mike Friedman

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I'm not sure how many of you use Elementor Pro or have thought about using it in the future, but if you are considering, you probably want to jump on now. Their pricing plans are changing drastically.


I'm in the $199/yr for 1000 sites plan. That plan is being grandfathered in. After March 9, it goes to $999 or you can get a plan for $499 for 100 sites. 

That is a drastic price increase.

They are also adding some other plans. 



Not sure what they are thinking. I think agencies that are not currently onboard who don't jump on the current $199 deal will be looking to other products going forward. This will probably drive a lot of new users to Oxygen.

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18 hours ago, dons said:

I just checked the pricing and it is the same from the date you posted this. That is a lot of money for bloated code and double menu's! Someone must be buying at this price though. Like Mr T says, I pity the fool!


I think they clearly want to force people into the $999/mo plan. $499 for 100 sites or $999 and you get a 1000. Seems like a no brainer. It does seem like a lot for a yearly subscription. On the other hand, if you are running a web development agency with monthly subscription costs and you really like building in Elementor, it's pretty easy to cover the costs.

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I detest anything that generates two menus in a google cached page.

I used to use Divi, which I found extremely intuitive and simple to use for the most part. I stopped using it after raising the double menu issue with one of the top support guys, I honestly forget his name but I am sure he is in some of the videos explaining Divi features.  All I wanted from them was to give me some kind of fix through their support forum (which other than this was always SUPER helpful), since it is built into the theme. We went back and forth for a week until I received a message from him stating that he had talked to their SEO guys and they have assured him it is not a problem. 

In the last message I sent I told him he should fire anyone that told him that and I dropped both the conversation and the Divi theme.

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