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On Sunday, February 7, about 1pm AWST, I was headed to the room I use as an office to finally announce the winners of this year's Whattys when I felt something akin to someone standing in my abdomen hitting just below the right ribcage with an axe.


Despite having no medical training, I knew that this was not something I could just go to a GP, and "take two aspirin and call me in the morning". I called for an ambulance, and despite some horror stories about ambulances arriving too late, they were there in about 5 minutes. The did a quick triage and determined I need to go straight to the ER department. The medicos there determined that I need to go into the operating theatre ASAP.

And so, eight hours after the "attack" the surgeons had repaired a pierced bowel, stitching up the hole in it. I am currently on a ton of meds (9 different pills, twice a day). I may well have to take them for the rest of my life. As for that, I don't know how long my life is going to last, but I reckon (completely unscientific) that it's shaved at least 10 years off whatever amount of time the gods have allotted me.

And yet again, I am reminded of how lucky I  am to live in a country with a Universal Healthcare system (Medicare). The only part of the whole procedure I'll have to pay for is the ambulance. That'll come to about $90 as I understand it. Given the job they did at getting to me and making the call to go straight to ER, I'd happily pay them $90,000.


So there you have it mates - Life. And Death.

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