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Sean Wallace must not stand trial. Do you understand, Mr Carter?

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to the first ever Virtual Whattys Awards Ceremony.

Obviously COVID19 has changed any number of ways in which we interact. Regular programming was forced to take a hiatus as getting cast and crew together from all parts of the world was no longer an option.  The Committee made the decision to go virtual early on as the disease spread everywhere.  Along the way of getting things set up The Committee and exclusive broadcast partners, Clicked Marketing Media (CMM) discovered how much more efficiently and economically the ceremony would be conducted due to the complete and utter absence of garden gnomes. No security detail needed. No CCTV needed to monitor gnomes as they try and steal all the lamingtons.

Anyway, 2020 was dominated by one show.

Let the awards begin

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Extinction - Hosted by Sir David Attenborough (BBC)
Sir David Attenborough - A Life On This Planet (Netflix)
Night On Earth (Netflix)
Rise Of Empires: Ottoman (Netflix)
Fear City: New York vs The Mafia (Netflix)
Ripper (Netflix)
The Reagans (Showtime/Stan)
After The Night (Stan/Sky Atlantic/Sundance)

And the winner can only be, Extinction (BBC)

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Supporting Actor
Bo Balaban (Condor)
Stephen Graham (Code 404)
Dominic West (Stateless)
Tony Dalton (Better Call Saul)
Jonathon Banks (Better Call Saul)
Lucian Msamati (Gangs Of London)
Brian Bernel (Gangs Of London)

Brian Bernel and Lucian Msamati - joint winners (Gangs Of London)

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Gary Oldman (Mank)
Bob Odenkirk (Better Call Saul)
Max Irons (Condor)
Bryan Cranston (Your Honor)
Daniel Mays (Code 404)
Ethan Hawke (The Good Lord Bird)
Karl Urban (The Boys)
Hugh Laurie (Roadkill)
Sope Dirisu (Gangs Of London)
Joe Cole (Gangs Of London)

Ethan Hawke (The Good Lord Bird)

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Narcos: Mexico (Netflix)
Better Call Saul (AMC/Stan/Netflix)
Condor (Epix/Stan)
Deutschland 89 (RTL/Stan/Amazon Prime)
The Crown (Netflix)
Babylon Berlin (Netflix)
Your Honor (Showtime/Stan)
Gangs Of London (Sky Atlantic/Stan/AMC)

It can only be Gangs Of London (Sky Atlantic/Stan/AMC)

This is beyond question the most violent TV series ever. The body count per episode is phenomenal. The very opening scene in episode 1 features a guy pleading for his life whilst dangling by a rope attached to one of his legs from a high rise construction site. Overlooking him is someone pouring petrol on the rope and the victim. Then the rope is set on fire and guy plummets earthward in a ball of flames. Roll intro credits.

In a barfight later that episode  one vignette features a glass being embedded in someone's face, and then that face is smashed into the bar. Lots and lots of sound effects of broken limbs as well. Did I mention how violent this show is?

On a separate level it takes its lead from the Corleones and the Sopranos and is, at its heart, a family drama.

The title of the show may also be misleading. This is not some local turf war between rival street gangs. The Albanian and Nigerian mafias, Kurdish Militants, a Pakistani heroin ring, and Danish assassins are all involved. All of them dishing out and receiving violent endings.

This the absolute perfect "water cooler" TV show. You will be talking about it. After binging it the first time, you'll binge it again. And then just before season 2 comes out later in 2021, you'll binge it again just to get you in the right headspace.

Viewers in Americastan will have to wait for S1, due to the network that was supposed to broadcast it deciding to "get out of original content". Dumb business move if you ask me especially since it would've been a blockbuster for them. Anyway AMC have stepped up to the plate and will be delivering S1 and S2 this year.

Fellow nominee Condor suffered from a similar fate. Despite it all being "in the can" and "ready for air", the only place I can ascertain it was actually broadcast was on Australian streaming service, Stan. The Epix network has since acquired the rights and will be broadcasting S1 and S2 in 2021.

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