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Condense Common Resources

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This is a short one (cue the 'That's what she said' jokes)

Condense common resources.

I was auditing at a site once talking about addiction and addiction rehab. I found 10 posts that mentioned the same 4 addiction rehab/help sites and linked to all 4. Something like…

"If you or someone you know suffers from addiction or you think might be suffering from addiction, check out the xyzaddictioncenter.com. There is also an addiction hotline at addictionhotline.com…."

And so on. They linked to the same 4 places with the same kind of info. The problem with that is every time you do it, you are passing on link equity from those pages to an external site. Instead of doing that, they could have just created a resource type page and directed people there if they are seeking more information and help.

Now instead of having 4 external links on 10 different pages, there are 4 external links on 1 page. Each of those pages will have 1 link pointing to that resource page.

If you find that your site is linking to a lot of the same places multiple times on a variety of pages, consider creating some kind of resource or FAQ type page that you can direct those links to instead and cut down on your total links on some of your pages.

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