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Just got an email from the HMA team. As of tomorrow, they are dropping their 1 month subscription price to $9.99. 


They did not say anything about the price at 6-month or yearly subscriptions. Not sure if they will change.


The price in that image above is for the yearly subscription, which is a great deal if you use this a lot.


If you ever wanted to try it out for just a month though, tomorrow it drops in price.


If you ever do any of your IM work from outside of the office on your laptop or other mobile devices, I highly recommend you grab this or another VPN service. With public WiFi so readily available, there are more and more cyber thieves just hanging around local coffee shops and bookstores.


This is especially important if you are dealing with client data in a public setting, but you also want to protect your own data.




Get Hide My Ass

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I do not know how much different it is than TorGuard. I do know the big advantage that HMA holds over pretty much everyone is the number of servers and IPs they have available. If you get stuck on a slow server, it is literally just a click to go to another one. In that way, I have never had speed issues with HMA, unlike other providers where I have.


I have not used TorGuard myself, so I cannot say anything good or bad.


HMA has a dead simple interface and plenty of support. Probably good for the less techy types. They also have Apple and Android apps for use on your phone.


Either way though, if you are doing anything over public WiFi, get a VPN. 

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Might start taking this more seriously.


Well, like I said, whether it is HMA or someone else, I really recommend for security using a VPN. Especially if you are logging into any kind of accounts (PayPal, online banking, etc.).


The nice thing about HMA is their support across multiple platforms. I think about the only thing they are not directly supporting with an app or dashboard interface is Chrome OS. However, they have simple instructions for manually setting up a VPN connection on a Chromebook using your HMA account info.

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Not sure why, but the price drop is not showing on their website yet.


This was the email they sent out yesterday.


We've learned that the price drop to $9.99 doubled your customer acquisition during sales. We are pleased to announce that this reduction is made permanent and we encourage you to take full advantage of this to ramp up your commission! On May 27th the 1 month subscription will be reduced to $9.99 which will be a major step towards making HMA! Pro even more appealing!


Today is the 27th....


Maybe they are a few hours behind.

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I have been using PrivateTunnel for a while now and i prefer it over HMA or other providers because of the subscription plan. You pay for volume (50gb,100 or 200 etc) and once you run out of it, thats the only time you need to pay for more doesn't matter if you use that volume in a month or a year.


It has been very cost-effective for me because i travel a lot and sometimes am out of internet for weeks/months, with HMA and monthly sub plans that means i would get charged for time i didn't even use their service. Paid for 100gb in jan and i still have to use that :D

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Just got an email from HMA. Their summer discount is ending on the 31st. Last chance to take advantage of it.


Like I said earlier in this thread, if you are ever working over public WiFi, you want to make sure you are using some kind of VPN to encrypt your data whether it be HMA or another product.

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