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Inner pages at Google Seven Pack

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Hey guys, just wondering is it possible to rank an inner page of a website at Google Seven Pack. Let's say we have a business offering different services (sub categories of main service). The business is ranking for the main service category, however there is a seven pack for the sub category but how to rank the inner page in that?

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SEOPress WordPress SEO plugin

Well, it is usually the homepage that is tied to the Google My Business page (or Google+ for Business -- whatever they call it now), so that is what shows up. I never played around with trying a different page.

I don't think that it would be possible to do.


Unless when the G+ local ad was built that an interior page was used as the site link. And then it probably wouldn't get past Google that way.


Only real way to know would be to try.


I would like to see the results if anybody ever does it.

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